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Women’s PJ Sets – Fitted For Ultimate Comfort

Fitted PJ Sets

Women’s PJ Sets | Fitted For The Ultimate Comfort

Let’s face it, your PJ is your favorite outfit. If it was acceptable, you’d wear them to work! Well, unfortunately, we don’t have a Lazy One, PJ work pass for you but we do have an incredible selection of women’s PJ sets for you to choose from! From animal themes and quirky one liners to purely Canadian style PJ’s, we are sure to have the perfect PJ set for you. Why wait? Browse through our amazing PJ sets and see why you can’t go another day without one!

Canada Represent!

Synonymous with Canada is our beautiful, lush forests and the majestic animals that live in them. As a tribute to our country and wildlife, Lazy One has designed some super cozy, fun PJ sets for all women out there. With sizes ranging from small to extra-large, we have the perfect size for you!

Featured Women’s PJ Sets

With our vast selection, you will surely want to get one of each and though we’d love for you to do that, we thought we’d mention a few just to get the ball rolling. How about our awesome “Booty Sleep” yoga PJ pant? With our booty wearing horse and the 100% cotton fabrication, you can’t miss! For the proud Canadian women out there, we also have our classic Canadian maple leaf Yoga pant PJ. Looking for a T-shirt top to complete the set? Check out our “Canada Eh?” fitted T-shirt. Feeling a little wild for wildlife? Our “Barely Awake” T-shirt will quench your animal thirst as well as keep you comfortable throughout your night’s sleep.

Women’s Boxers

We know it gets a little hot under the covers in summer, so why not free yourself a little and wear one of our 100% cotton, women’s boxer shorts! With our classic animal and Canadian prints, they are just as awesome as our pants. They have no pockets or fly and feature a drawstring that keep the boxer shorts put! Check out our Canadian themed, women’s boxer shorts and browse through our whole inventory for more fun and awesome choices!