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Women’s Bathrobes for a Spa Day at Home

Pamper Yourself in the Comfort of Home

With today’s hectic schedules, working overtime and taking care of the kids, it’s more important than ever to make time for yourself. I bet you’re saying right now “I wish I could go to the spa!” Unfortunately, time often works against you – and so does your wallet. Sigh. Either way, don’t stress… Just sit back, relax and treat yourself to a spa day at home! LazyOne’s women’s bathrobes are soft, fluffy and ready to hug you throughout your well deserved, full day of pampering. Browse through LazyOne’s selection now!

Women’s Bathrobes for the Perfect Spa Day at Home

women's bathrobes

Slip into something a little more comfortable! LazyOne’s women’s bathrobes are the perfect, ultra-comfortable accessory to get your spa day done right. Warm and super plushy, LazyOne’s bathrobes feature a contrasting faux sheepskin trim, two deep, roomy pockets, and all the luxurious comfort you’d expect from a spa. Now that’s a wrap! Our robes are made from super soft polyester fleece and come in a variety of colors and wildlife patterns. At LazyOne, we always go the extra mile so here are a few DIY tips for the ultimate day of pampering.

First Things First – Set The Mood

women's bathrobes

Setting the mood before you get started lets your mind and body relax before your day of pampering begins. Turn up some calming music and put some lavender essential oil in your diffuser – this will help you relax, big time! Add to your calming ambiance by making your own scented candles! Nothing smells more like a relaxing spa day than some lavender. Get your essential oils here.

Healthy Hydration

women's bathrobes

Make your own vitamin water! We like ours with lemon and basil but you can add any fruits or vegetables you want, for a super clean, nutritious drink. Drinking infused water is a fun way to stay hydrated and get in some extra vitamins and minerals! Here are some awesome recipes for you to consider.

Fantastic Face Mask

women's bathrobes

Making your own face mask is super easy, cost efficient and just good fun! Your muscles will relax, your pores will be purified and your skin will have a radiant glow! Here are 6 super easy tips on making your own face mask at home.

Happy Feet

women's bathrobes

Your feet are the hardest working part of your body. Taking the time to treat them right is important. Making your own foot soak or scrub is super easy. Check out these 10 soothing DIY tips to making your own foot scrub or foot soak. Your feet will thank you! Another thing you feet will thank you for are LazyOne’s super cute spa slippers! Check them out and get yours today.

You’ve Earned It

We can’t say it enough: you work really hard and deserve to take a full day to enjoy some you time. Wrap yourself in our snuggly bathrobe, wear our super soft women’s PJ’s or get super comfy in our awesome yoga pants. Whatever you do, make it a point to make time for yourself. You’ll feel the difference in your body, mind and soul!