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Winter Fun For You And The Family

Winter Fun In The Winter Sun

Don’t let the winter blues get you down! Okay, so it’s a little cold out there but with the right winter activities, you’ll warm right up. Not only will you have a great time and generate some much needed body heat, you’ll also create some great memories with the family. Before starting your day filled with winter fun, we would suggest gathering the family for an awesome breakfast! And let’s remember, it’s not always about having a good time. Chores need to get done too. Have your whole family participate in the post-breakfast clean up while you get everybody’s snow attire ready for the fun day ahead. Don’t forget the super warm Lazy One kid’s socks so you can keep your little one’s paws extra warm throughout the day!

Go Sledding!

winter fun

Going sledding is one of winters great offerings and should always be part of your winter fun day. This activity will let you experience a roller coaster of joyous emotions with your little ones while also giving you a great workout. Watch as your kids gain confidence with their sled and will eventually want to take a ride without their mom or dad tagging along. Standing at the bottom of the hill, watching your little one arrive with a huge smile on their face will be a moment you’ll never forget. It will also be the perfect moment to upload to Facebook or Instagram!

Build A Classic Snowman!

Winter fun with the family


Is there anything that says winter better than building a snowman? I don’t think so. It’s the perfect activity for the whole family and the perfect way to teach the little ones what teamwork is all about. After your snowman has taken shape and you’ve posed for what seems like 50 Instagram pictures, bring the family in for some some much needed warmth…hot chocolate is served in our awesome, animal themed mugs!

Winter Fun & Indoor Warmth

After a long but incredible day of winter activities, there will be nothing like slipping into your warm PJ’s! Check out our amazing selection of Canadian themed Pj’s for women, men and kids, including our classic family Flapjacks!