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What are Footed PJs, Adult Onesies, Footie Pajamas?

Footed PJs are quite simply a one piece garment designed specifically for sleeping. These sleepwear garments typically include covered, enclosed feet; as their footed pj name suggests. These types of pajamas have long been available for children but now can be found for adults in varying sizes, styles, fabrics and designs.

Adult Onesie pajamas are on the rage, they are comfortable, cute and cozy.

Todays adult footed pjs are made with a zipper that usually runs from the crotch up to the neck and are intended to surround the person wearing the garment in a cozy, soft and comfortable bliss. The footie part of the onesie is typically ribbed or rubberized on the bottom to provide better grip while walking around, thus preventing a slip and fall accident.  The most common fabrics that the onesies are made from are cotton, fleece and flannel. The cotton ones are great for year round use as some wearers find the fleece and flannel fabrics to be just too hot for the summer months. Some of the LazyOne adult pjs have a great design on them such as “moose caboose” and “bare bottom”.

Children’s onesie pajamas and Adults alike, come in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. Currently none of the LazyOne footed pjs or flapjacks have hoods, but just because there is no hood rest assure that they are very warm. Most of the pajamas come with side pockets. LazyOne “flapjacks” come with a large flap at the rear with buttons holding it in place and can be easily opened or closed.  They are quite easy to access, even for children who need to use the washroom while wearing their flapjack pajamas.

The original term onesie came from a company creating one piece outfits for infants.  They are drastically different then adult onesies as they have no legs and a snap fit between the legs so their diapers can be changed easily.  Over the years the term onesie has become generic and now refers to any one piece garment.