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We Have a Match

You know how it is right?
Winter hits the hardest in January and February and your mood follows the gloomy, snowy days. It’s normal; we’ve all been there before. The kids just went back to school after the holiday break and you, well, you’ve returned to being the nation’s number one parent. It’s the hardest job on the planet but you power through every time. This time though, you want to do more than power through. You want to bring the family together more often than just on holidays and truth be told; you’re the right person for the job. You’ve had a few ideas to help you accomplish this but you’ve narrowed it down to one stellar idea that is sure to turn those winter blues around. Nothing says family and fun like matching PJ’s and onesies!

With a wide choice of different prints, colors and themes, Lazy One has you covered for your matching PJ purchase. From our awesome matching Flap Jacks (yes, some have a functioning rear flap for your emergency visits to the water closet) and onsesies to our equally as awesome matching fitted PJ’s, you’re surely to find the perfect, comfortable choice for you. While our quirky and humorous themes put you in a happy mood, they also provide that extra sense of family togetherness. Whether playing your favourite games or watching your favourite movies, matching PJ’s give that extra touch to creating the perfect family atmosphere.

The winter season is hard on everyone so we can all use a pick me up.
Sometimes, the simplest thing can make the biggest difference. Nothing gets simpler than gathering your family, putting on your matching PJ’s and enjoying a night by the fire or even an evening of storytelling. Our lives are made up of moments and your moments will be that much more memorable with your plaid, moose themed PJ’s on. Trust us; a moose can make a big difference in your mood. In this case, he’s not chasing you across the forest, he’s giving you the playful eyes and he’s dressed like Batman, well, “Batmoose” to be more specific.
With a variety of different accessories to boot, we are sure that you will find the right pick me up for the winter season!