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Valentine’s Day Secret

We’ve come to that time of year when cupid goes airborne and strikes us all with an extra dose of love.
If you’re lucky enough to have found the perfect woman like I have, then you know how important it is for her to feel extra special on Valentine’s Day. Though I’ve had my share of misfires with my lady, I do know how to score big points on Valentine’s Day. So, here’s my secret. For starters, don’t go the standard route. Women have received 3 tons of chocolate and countless bouquets of flowers in the past, so why not change it up a little this time around! In my experience, women love feeling comfortable and cozy. Enter Lazy One.
It’s a given that any woman would love and relish a warm, soft pair of PJ’s! From PJ sets to onesies, leggings and even night shirts, she’ll be delighted to receive your thoughtful gift. Choose from a wide variety of themes and styles, from quirky to cute, to suit your lady’s personality. While some women prefer a loose fitting pyjama, others might prefer them fitted. While some women will prefer the comfort and convenience of our famous onesie, others might prefer a night shirt. It’s all well and fine because Lazy One has you covered! To boot, all of our PJ’s are made from 100% cotton, which breathes and hugs the body in the perfect way.


You can even shop for a matching PJ set for yourself and spend your Valentine’s Day in matching onesies. Nothing says love like matching pyjamas and ultimate comfort.
Regardless of your style and personality, Lazy One has a ton of products to choose from like slippers, boxers, tops, pants, socks, pillow cases and tote bags just to name a few.  Your special someone will love your originality and will proceed to land a big smooch on you for good measure.


By the way, ladies, we have you covered too. Look through a wide selection of men’s PJ’s, PJ sets and slippers for the perfect gift for your man.


From all of us at Lazy One, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love, hugs and most of all, comfort.