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The Perfect Gift for a Baby Shower

Unless you have been through the blurry few months of having a newborn yourself, you might not be too sure about what exactly to get for a baby shower. It’s just one of those things in life that you need to experience to understand. Shopping for your family during the holidays is hard enough, let alone for a newborn. Of course, it does help if the person you're shopping for has a registry. But, if they don't, you might find yourself staring blankly at the various items in the baby aisle of the supermarket. A truly overwhelming feeling if there ever was one. Should you get some pajamas for kids or should you invest in one of those new-fangled mobiles for the crib? 

These days, the items go to infinity and beyond; there are honestly so many strange and incomprehensible toys, cribs, pajamas for kids, accessories, and much more. This makes shopping for a baby shower like taking an exam and trying to play a video game at the same time. However, you might be in luck. We here at Lazy One are expert gift-givers and we bring you this blog. Whether you are shopping for the mom-to-be or you are the one expecting and need a few suggestions, check out some of these gift ideas. It might not include everything under the sun, but you will get to know some of the essentials—a good place to start.

Image by Lazy One - Pajamas for Kids


1. Swaddle

Most of us who have never had to take care of an infant don’t have any clue what a swaddle is. You might have actually seen one, though. Do you know how people wrap newborns into cozy burritos in a warm blanket? Well, that’s pretty much it! It’s a perfect place to start your gift shopping because it's something every new parent will need.

2. Pajamas for Kids

Getting a pair of comfy Onesies for their infants is one of the few pure joys that new parents or soon-to-be parents experience. Not only is a flapjack onesie cute, it’s also really comfortable and practical for a child of that age. If you have a look at Lazy One, we have a whole line of unique, comfortable, and durable flapjack Onesies. What’s more, you can get something for the little one as well as for mom and dad!

3. Healthcare Essentials Basket

If there is one thing that all parents worry about, it is the health of their child. Gifting them a healthcare essentials basket is a great way to help prepare for the inevitable. You don’t have to load up a pharmacy, mind you. It should be simple things like saline spray for children, nasal aspirators, thermometers, Vitamin D drops, and maybe even a burp cloth.

4. Wi-Fi Camera

Traditional baby monitors are great and all, but they only work when parents are home. A small, portable Wi-Fi-connected camera can allow parents to check in on their bundle of joy even if they aren’t home. Most cameras these days pair with a multitude of apps and devices, making them a convenient and practical gift.

5. Sound Machines

This is a gift that every new parent will appreciate. A white-noise machine is one of the best ways to get babies to sleep. It surely doesn’t hurt the chances of making it through the night without an unfortunate wake-up call. These days, you can invest in white-noise machines that produce a variety of different soothing noises.

6. Diaper Caddy

Of course, every household with a newborn needs a changing station. However, many don’t realize the value of a portable diaper caddy until it’s too late. With a caddy, you can easily separate and carry things like diapers, wipes, creams, powder, sanitizer, and whatever else a new parent might need. This makes the caddy a valuable addition to the list of gifts for a baby shower.

7. Baby Tub

During the first weeks, a newborn only needs to have a sponge bath most of the time. However, when they transition into an actual bath, there is something specifically designed for that. A tub made specifically for infants makes for a safe and comfortable place for the baby to have a bath. They are also portable, which means you can just bathe the baby on the counter and drain the water into the sink. The fact that this baby shower gift makes life just a little easier for parents is a huge win.

8. Humidifier

A cool-mist humidifier can go a long way toward keeping your infant comfortable. This is especially useful on those nights when the baby gets congestion. Some humidifiers on the market can even be used with therapeutic-grade essential oils (though we recommend you consult a pediatrician to make sure it’s safe.)

9. Backpack Diaper Bag

When you and your little one are out and about, a diaper bag, though necessary, can be quite cumbersome. A better alternative to consider putting on the baby shower gift list is a backpack-style diaper bag. Try to find one that has wet-bag storage (for soiled clothes and diapers), wipe dispensers, and space to carry other essentials like power, cream, sanitizers, and bottles. You might even want to pack an extra pair of pajamas for the kids there.

10. Gift Cards

Life with a newborn is tough. Often, household tasks like cooking and cleaning can become a real mountain of a challenge. Something as simple as getting some gift cards to restaurants, meal delivery services, or even a cleaning service can be a lifesaver! It’s not a new fridge, but as far as baby shower gifts go, it will have a big impact, especially during those first few months. You can take it a step further, and get the new mom a gift card to a salon or spa for the day. A few hours to herself will be one of the best baby shower gifts you can give.

With that said, if you want to explore more baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be or the little one, you should check out our Lazy One website. There are a variety of different apparel lines that you can choose from!