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Tee Dress For Girls – Have Fun In The Sun!

Fun In The Sun

Tee Dress – Perfect For Any Summer Activity

Time flies by when your kids are growing up. The phrase “seems like yesterday” is uttered often and your daughter has gone from crawling to dressing herself every morning. These days, she doesn’t just dress herself; she picks out her own outfit too! Like every little girl, her dress is one of her favorite things to wear and after a long winter, she is ready for a new wardrobe. Lazy One has beautiful, quality kid’s tee dresses for all of your summer day activities! Check out our tee dress models now. There’s more…

A Fun And Simple Tee Dress

Playtime is all the time, especially during the summer months. Whether you’re taking the family on vacation, a weekend camping trip or simply having a family gathering in the backyard, your little girl wants to have fun and our simple dress is the perfect accessory! Our dresses come in various sizes and feature an appliqued chest pattern, two different fabric colors and a straight waist with A-line skirt. Adding to the cute design are two patch pockets that are stitched to the front with contrasting thread. Your little girl will be comfortable and ready to have some summer fun with her family and friends. Lazy One offers more than tee dresses though. Read on to find out more!

Other Summer Accessories For Kids

All we want is for our kids to be happy and that means ensuring their safety and comfort, while providing them the maximum amount of fun. From kids PJ’s, socks and sleeping bags to our very popular Kids Flap Jacks onesie, we have the most comfortable kids accessories in Canada! Speaking of comfort, who can forget the ever important kid’s blankets? Our soft and cozy Critter Blankets allow your kids to transform into their favorite animal while remaining nestled under the comfortable hood and hand corners. Though we we have an extensive selection of kid’s pajamas and accessories, we haven’t forgotten the parents! From matching PJ’s for the whole family to leggings and thermal PJ’s for the ladies, Lazy one has everything you need to keep your whole family cozy and comfortable.