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Slippers – A Winter Treat For Your Feet

Never Get Cold Feet Again

Slippers | A Warm Home For Your Paws

While most Canadians experience harsh winters every year, it always takes some getting used to. Whether you need to leave the house earlier or make sure the kids are bundled up before they head out to school, winter brings on many surprises –  even to Canadians! Well, we can’t control the weather or stop the snow from falling but we can definitely control our warmth and comfort, especially in our homes. Even though we crank up our heaters, our floors remain quite cold. That’s where our favorite pair of slippers come to save the day! This winter, bring your slipper game to a new level with the warmest and most comfortable slippers you’ve ever owned. Check out our variety of indoor footwear now. Oh, and read till the end…we have a special discount code for you!

Protect Your Little Critters

Though our slippers bring us cozy winter vibes, they also give us a better fighting chance against catching a nasty cold. Keeping your body temperature regulated allows for your system to better fight any incoming bugs. We didn’t make that up – it’s science! Your little ones will benefit greatly from consistently warm paws, especially withCritter models. Browse through our great selection of kids Critter Slippers now and make sure your kids feet are always warm and always looking critter cute!

Slippers | A True North Must

Winter will come and go just like every other year but our footwear remains one of the most important, go-to items in our closets. Even during the warm months, we always reach for our comfortable slippers when we’re lounging about the house. With our variety, quality and awesome themes, you will definitely find the perfect pair for you. Our styles are perfect for men, women and children. With winter just around the corner, be brave, be Canadian and most of all, protect those paws! We almost forgot – if you received our newsletter, you’re eligible for our awesome discount! Use discount code: WINTEROWL to claim your limited time offer!