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PJ’s For Men – Manly Warmth, Boyish Comfort

PJ’s For Men – When Lazy Takes Over

Though most men and women are hard working people, there comes the moment when we’ve all earned some lazy time. Truth be told, we’ve done many blogs on PJ’s for women and kids, but we seem to have forgotten the good old boys! Well, this one’s for you. Lazy One has a great selection of PJ’s for men in all sizes, patterns, themes and colors. Though we are getting warmer temperatures than normal, winter is knocking on our doors. Don’t be fooled, guys feel the cold just as much as women do. They’re just too macho to admit it! So put your manly ego aside and get yourself the warmth and comfort you deserve at a great price! Check out our classic Canadian themes and patterns throughout all our men’s PJ’s. Guys too can slip into something more comfortable.

Keeping It Simple

Today, things seem to get more complicated as the days pass. Technology is evolving at break neck speeds while our calendars have less and less space for relaxation. Well, at Lazy One, our schedule is filled with relaxation and bringing you the best clothing to achieve it! Our PJ’s are made from 100% cotton and offer the comfort and warmth you’ve come to know us for. It’s no wonder that Lazy One is one of the most recognized brands for sleepwear in Canada! So, this winter, keep it simple, keep it comfortable and keep it warm.

PJ’s For Men | Relax Gentlemen, We’ve Got You

If you haven’t yet, head on over to our men’s PJ section and browse through our great variety of comfy PJ’s for this coming winter. You know it’s going to get cold and no matter how warm your bed is, eventually, you’ll have to get up to visit the water closet and having to rush is never a good thing. Stay Lazy and warm my friends!