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On The Hunt For Kids PJs – Shop Now!

Easter Egg Hunting for the Whole Family

Easter is here which means the hunt is on! It also means that the weather is warmer and planning outdoor activities is a must. Though our kids PJs are a dream to sleep in, they’re also the most comfortable pieces of clothing for the outdoors too! Okay, we’re not saying to wear them for a visit to Grandma’s house, but suiting up the family in matching PJ’s and going on an Easter egg hunt is an Egg-Tastic idea! Before that happens, you’ll need to get your Easter egg decorating skills sharpened and ready – but don’t worry, Lazy One is here to help! Check out 14 ideas and tips on how to get creative when decorating your Easter eggs here.

Put Together A Unique & Creative Easter Egg Hunt!

Kids Pjs

Having a traditional egg hunt doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Inspire those tiny minds to get creative! Here are a few ideas to consider for your upcoming Easter egg hunt:

  • Although chocolate is a source of life, sometimes we need to think about our children’s teeth and overall health. Try hiding some Easter eggs with something even more special! Have your kids tell you some little things they would like to do and you can write them as little notes left inside the plastic eggs! For example, “stay up an extra 15 min, “lunch date with mom,” or “get some ice cream!” Get creative with the ideas and scoop up the opportunity to spend more time with your little bunnies!
  • Write notes that will teach your kids something new. For example, “Name 3 fruits that are red,” or “How many brothers and sisters do you have?” or even simple mathematical questions. Every answer they get right they get to choose an activity to do. For example, where to get take-out, or a movie to watch
  • Simply write clues that will lead your kids to another location where they will find the Easter eggs you decorated together. Get those little critters thinking!
  • Hide one golden ticket in an Easter egg per child. Let them know that they can only find one golden ticket each. Once they find the egg with the golden ticket, they can claim it for a bigger prize when the hunt is over!
  • Reverse the roles! Have your kids fill the Easter eggs with things they’d like you to find. For example, they can write notes with “candy,” or “see a movie.” All the Easter eggs that you don’t find, the kids get to keep and act on as their rewards.

Kids PJs for a Comfy Easter Weekend

Let your kids enjoy their Easter egg hunt in warm and comfy style with our Lazy One kids PJs! Not only will they have a great time finding their Easter egg treasures, but they’ll also stay comfortable and look cute in the process! From all of us at Lazy One, Happy Easter!