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May the Forest be with You

If there’s one thing I enjoy doing it’s watching a good wild-life documentary. The more animals you can squeeze into an episode the better. The imagery is breathtaking and you also get to learn about these beautiful species that live so closely, yet so differently among us. All that aside, it’s also the perfect reason to slip on my animal print pj’s, get some popcorn popping and hit that couch running! Okay, I don’t hit it running. I slowly fall back, put my feet up and get ready to enjoy the animal kingdom along with my favourite flavour of tea. Come to think of it, I should run more.

What’s also awesome about owning a pair of our animal pj’s is that you’ll be the hit of your next pyjama party. With quirky word play like, “I’m OWL yours” and “Don’t MOOSE with me,” you’ll definitely win first prize for pyjama of the night! Be ready for some questioning though because the other party goers will surely want to know where you got your pj’s. Thank heavens our website address is so easy to remember. Wink, wink.

The look of our unique pyjamas isn’t the only thing you’ll love. You’ll adore the comfortable and cozy feeling when you slip them on. Made from 100% cotton, you’ll never want to take them off. Maybe you can convince your boss that the employees would thoroughly benefit from a pyjama day. Tell him it was our idea. You’re welcome.

You can choose to be a lover of many different animal species with our unique and comfortable pj options. We definitely have more than lions, tigers and bears. We have owl, moose and horse themed pj’s as well as some fox, bat and lobster themed options too. Even the mystical and ever elusive yeti get’s to star in his own pj design. If you are truly wild about every animal, you can opt for our “May the forest be with you” pj. Come on; a Star Wars pun and ultimate comfort to boot.

One thing is for sure: You won’t regret showing your animal love in one of our many animal print pj’s and you’ll never forget the ultra comfortable sleep either. No need to count sheep…why not count lobsters, owls or moose?!

Goodnight and owl see you later. (Not bad right? Alright…I tried.)