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Master Yoga


So the holidays have come and gone and if you’re like me, you are more than satisfied with your holiday gift giving efforts because you shopped on the Lazy One website. Everyone loved their gifts and they’re still talking about them. Point, you! Let’s face it though, the post holiday season is a time when your motivation to return to regular activity is, shall we say, bleak. We all over indulged in the food feasts, took a few extra lazy naps and skipped that yoga class, so the time has come to get yourself back on track with your daily routine.

It’s not always easy to maintain the drive to hit that Yoga class 2-3 times a week, especially post holiday season and we can relate! We have good news though. If you take a look through our straight-legged, fitted Yoga pants you’ll find the perfect pair to motivate you and get you back in the Namaste spirit. They’re all made of 100% cotton so they’re breathable and perfect for your Yoga training. They come in so many different patterns and styles that you’ll probably want to get a few pairs! You can showcase your proud Canadian roots with our maple leaf themed Yoga pants or even get a little quirky with our “Yeti for Bed” theme. There’s not much talking in a Yoga class but you’ll get many questions about your cool pants once the class is over.

Depending on your Yoga style, we also offer a wide variety of loose-fit pants, leggings or even fitted boxers, all with different themes and patterns.

When you get home and you’ve taken that blissful shower, you definitely want to slip in to one of our robes. A personal favourite is the Classic Moose Bathrobe. I’m not moosin’ around! You’ll probably want to get creative and pick out a matching night shirt too. Oh yes, we have those. With so many colors and humorous themes, you’ll find the perfect bed time shirt to lull you into that peaceful and restful sleep. Now you have it all down and your routine has gone from sluggish to stellar…the moose is strong with this one.