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Kids & Critters

There are those things that kids just seem to latch on to, those things they connect with, take solace in and with which they feel safe.
One of their biggest attachments is with their blanket. From their early morning wakeup call right through to their bed time, their blanket seems to travel with them wherever they go. The good news is that the days of dingy, bland blankets are gone. While kids love their blankets, they also love their animals and that’s why Lazy One has combined both to create the ideal, comfortable, cozy blanket.
Imagination meets relaxation with our new Critter Kids blankets! Are your kids into bears, owls or horses? We have you covered. Who can forget our good Canadian friend the moose? We haven’t. The moose themed blanket is definitely a Canadian favourite. Your little ones will love transforming into their favourite animal alter egos at bedtime, playtime, or anytime! Simply slip the hood over their noggin and nestle their hands into the cozy corners. Each blanket is a roomy (40” X 50”) and made of lightweight, super-cozy polyester fleece. When it’s time to wrap up warmly, our Critter Kids blankets are the “creature comforts” your kids will crave. Some designs even feature a tail!


In a time where most of our youth grow up with their faces plastered to a computer screen, it’s become increasingly important to promote and help nurture their imaginations.
As adults, we can learn a lot from the pure, uninhibited imagination of our children. What may be just an animal themed blanket to us, may be an uncharted jungle to discover for them. Not only will you be helping to enhance your child’s imagination, but you’ll also keep them warm, cozy and comfortable on those days and nights when they need it most.
Along with Kids Critter blankets, Lazy one also offers a very large variety of kid’s pyjamas and onesies, ranging in patterns, sizes and themes. There’s no better combination than the right PJ and the right blanket to get your child in the perfect state for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.