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Kid’s Sleeping Bags | Perfect For Summer Camping

Enjoy the Outdoors | Camping with the Whole Family!

Kid’s Sleeping Bags

We all want to enjoy the outdoors with our family, especially during the summer months. Why not treat the family to one of the most family oriented, fun and engaging activities: camping! Whether you’re taking the family to the country side for the weekend, to a campground or even setting up a camping tent in your backyard, you’ll need to check out our warm, kid’s sleeping bags. Our signature Moose Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice!

The Moose is Loose!

Tell your kids your best ghost story as they cozy up in style with their Moose Sleeping Bag! This awesome kid’s sleeping bag is as functional as it is soft and durable. The moose face is stuffed and functions as a built-in, comfortable pillow so you’ll never forget it. The interior lining is soft, cozy and durable so you’re kids can get many nights under the stars in warmth and comfort. A solid zipper runs along the bottom and one side to keep kids snug, while the practical straps and buttons make for easy storage! It comes in a convenient size: 30” X 68”.

Camping with Matching PJ’s – Why Not!?

If you’re looking for the perfect camping accessory that will not only bring your family closer together but also provide you with that extra comfort and warmth throughout the night, look no further than our awesome matching PJ’s for the whole family! With many different styles, colors and themes, we are sure that you’ll find the perfect matching PJ set for you and yours. Check out our recent blog post on Matching PJ’s for Women, Men and the Whole Family and get yours today!

Camping Essentials: Family & Friends

Regardless of camping equipment, gear and tents, the essentials to camping are family and great friends. There’s a special bond that forms when we take advantage of sharing moments among nature. Don’t be afraid to make rules about keeping your phone off! If you give yourself a chance to make a direct connection with nature, your connection with your loved ones will be more direct as well. Happy camping!