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Kid’s Onesies | The Coziest PJ’s Around

Feet First!

I don’t have to remind you that the cold weather is still with us. When will it go? Your guess is as good as mine. In the meantime, we need to cope with it as best as we can. That’s why keeping warm is of the utmost importance, especially for our kids. After a long school day and time spent outdoors, slip them into the warmest kid’s onesies, our Footeez PJ’s! Made from super soft polar fleece, your kids will love the soft comfort. They also feature a zipper from foot to neck, a “trap door” on the rear and a non-slip sole that keeps them from sliding.  Keep reading below for our awesome, truly Canadian, PJ themes!

Kid’s Onesies | Keeping Them Warm From Head To Toe

Kid's Onsies

Not only do your kids get the coziness and warmth out of our kid’s onesies, they also get the awesome, Canadian style themes. From a hockey playing moose to a playful bear, we have it all. Wearing socks all day long can make your feet uncomfortable and often times, cause them to be sweaty. Your kids will love slipping their bare feet into the ultra soft, polar fleece of our Footeez PJ’s. Let your kids release their inner animal in their ultra comfy, kid’s onesies!

Weekend Memories

Our weeks seem more and more hectic as time goes on. It’s become even more important to make time to spend with our families, especially when the weekend comes around. When the weather isn’t cooperating, get the family together for a board game night or even a movie night. Better yet, enjoy your evening in matching family PJ’s! Browse through our amazing selection of PJ’s for the whole family and let the good times and memories unfold. We didn’t forget our four-legged friends! We have matching Pj’s for your little doggy too!