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Infant Bibs – Moosey Eaters & Little Stinkers!

Clean Up on High Chair 3!

Infant Bibs | Less Mess, More Fun

When feeding time comes around, there’s one thing you need to have handy way before your make-believe food plane delivers delicious baby food into your baby’s mouth. You guessed it, the bib! If your baby’s bib is not in its place, you’re only asking for a major disaster. Thankfully, we have a great choice of infant bibs right here at Lazy One! With our usual quirky humor and animal themes, your baby will enjoy feeding time even more. Browse through our great selection now and prevent your next food spill!

Quality Family Time

Working full time and being a full time parent is not an easy thing to do but when all is said and done, the time we spend with our loved ones is worth every sacrifice. Gathering around the table and sharing a wholesome meal makes for some of the best family moments. Whether your kids are teenagers, youngsters or infants, there’s a certain energy around the dinner table that can’t be matched. These are the times that moments turn to memories. As much as we cherish our family dinners, preventing a major clean-up is a pretty great thing, especially when it comes to our little ones. Our infant bibs are the ideal choice for less mess and more fun!

Infant Bibs & Animal Humor

From our skunk themed “Little Stinker” to our moose themed “Moosey Eater” infant bibs, we are sure that you’ll find the perfect one for your little one! Not only are they cute and quirky, but they’re also great quality and made from 100% cotton. Our animal themes will have your kids enjoying their meals while spending some quality time with their animal companions. Browse through our infant bibs now and get your kids one today!