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Hockey Onesies for the Whole Family on Game Night!

It’s Hockey Season Every Season!


Hockey Onesies – The Ultimate Game Changer

Hockey onesies during the summer? Even during the hot summer months, hockey is always on the heart and mind of every Canadian. It truly is our sport; we just can’t shake it! Whether we are inviting friends over to watch the game or going to a friend’s house, we know it’ll be a night to remember. Our kids have become a huge part of the hockey watching experience and we love seeing them cheering on their team. With snacks aplenty and family and friends gathered round, the only thing missing is one of our Lazy One, hockey onesies! Our adult onesies are made from 100% ribbed knit cotton and  feature one of Canada’s animal icons, the moose. With the signature, “Don’t Moose With Me” quote and it’s practical butt flap feature, you’ll fall in love! Our hockey onesies are a definite game changer. Of course, there’s more!

Kids Hockey Onesies | For The Love of the Game

The family is gathered around the TV, the popcorn is ready and the hockey game is about to start. Your kids are beyond exited as their favorite team scores the winning goal! Although the most important part of spending time with your family is bonding and having fun, your kids benefit largely from being comfortable, warm and cozy. Good thing Lazy One makes onesies for kids too! Featuring the same high-quality, 100% ribbed cotton material as the adult version and the same awesome hockey theme, your kids will win in the comfort and style department too. Do you have an ultra little hockey fan? Check out our infant hockey onesieand make even the youngest in the family an instant hockey supporter.

Family Bonds

Families create and build bonds their whole lives. When we think back or look through our old photo albums, we can see how far those bonds have come. It’s the simple things like enjoying a meal together and sharing in a common interest or passion that fuel and strengthen these bonds for a lifetime. At Lazy One, we offer comfort, warmth and family spirit with all our products.