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Happy Feet

Winter is officially upon us and there’s nothing worse than that cold, bone chilling air hitting our skin. Battling the outdoors is one thing but getting warm and cozy indoors is another. Even with the warmest pair of socks, you can’t stop those cold floors from giving you chills. Enter your favourite pair of slippers! Not only do they keep your feet warm and comfortable, they also release your inner animal. How? Well, you bought your slippers from lazyone.ca, that’s how.

These are not just any slippers. These, my friend, are your bear paw slippers. Oh yes, the slippers you’re famously known for owning. I mean, who wouldn’t notice and commend you on your fabulous choice of black bear paw slippers? No one. That’s who. These slippers are the perfect blend of fuzzy and warm, both inside and out. You also bought a pair of wolf paw slippers because you need an excuse to howl when the full moon is out. That’s how you roll.

Slippers are a home for your feet. It’s that simple. Take a look at our wide selection of different models, styles and themes and you’ll surely find the right pair of slippers to keep your feet cozy and warm this winter season. Cute critter themed slippers are a unique way to go and so are our woodland slippers. Come on, owls on your feet! What a hoot! Be sure to check out our mukluk slippers too, offering even more coverage from the cold. Need a pair to slip on when getting out of the shower or even at the spa? We have you covered. With a thick, cushy sole, soft fabric and fringe, spa slippers provide convenient comfort and are perfect way to pamper your pads. They are available in nine of our best-selling pyjama styles. And who can forget about the kids! Take a look at our toasty toes series offering calf-high coverage, cool animal themes and the same warmth and comfort as our adult slippers.

Let’s put it this way: slippers are a must have, especially for the cold winter months. Do you want to wear those old, grey, drab slippers or do you want to express your wild side? Gather the family for a movie and make sure everyone has their own expressive slippers on. Now that’s a great picture for Instagram!