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Get Your Onesies Out for This Summer’s Cottage Getaway

Summer is here folks. Need we say more? Well, maybe just a little bit more. It is the season of warm weather, hiking, longer days, backyard barbeques and days at the beach. You probably have an outfit for every occasion, but there is one that you might be leaving out - a classic, Canadian cottage getaway with the family. However, with the summer also comes the scorching heat and let’s be honest, you aren’t going up to the cabin to play games on your tablet or attend work calls. It is family time and we are here to give you some great ideas that will help you make the most of the hot sun and those warm nights. Most, if not all these activities in this article can be done while enjoying the comfort of our Onesies.

Having said that, put your feet up, gather the little ones and get ready for an unforgettable summertime getaway to your cottage in the countryside. Without further delay, let’s get into some of the must-haves and must-dos that the summer of 2022 has to offer.


#1 A Movie Marathon!

This year has seen some of the biggest, most awaited movie franchises hit the big screens. From an epic installment to the cult-classic, Jurassic World, to outstanding biopics like Elvis, Hollywood has been pulling out all the stops. With so many of these movies making it to OTT platforms, it is the perfect time to slip into some Onesies with the whole family and snuggle in at the cottage for a movie marathon!


#2 S’mores Are a Must

The whole point of a cottage stay is to have a kind of a camping experience, to get out into nature and away from daily life. Well, no cottage getaway is complete without good, old s’mores. Can you see it? You and your whole family, comfy in some vibrant, breathable Onesies, with piping hot marshmallows in hand, telling stories and making memories that last a lifetime. Now that is a getaway.

#3 Campfire

Speaking of s’mores, another must-have for a classic Canadian cottage holiday - is campfire time. In fact, make it a bonfire (with appropriate safety measures taken of course). Gather around with your loved ones, tell stories, have a sing-along, listen to some music, or just enjoy the silence that we very rarely get in our busy lives.

#4 A Pajama Party

While we’re on the topic of these cozy activities, let’s talk about pajamas. To be honest, no camping event is complete without a proper pajama party. Lazy One has a widespread collection of PJs and Onesies that will be perfect for you. We have something for the whole family, even your pooch. To top it all off, our PJs are made from combed cotton, which means you can breathe in them during those warm summer nights.

#5 BBQs

Few things can beat the simple pleasure of standing over a BBQ on a summer day with music playing in the background and everyone having a good time. It is in these moments that the food takes on an almost magical quality. This is an obvious must-have at your summer cottage getaway.

#6 Stargazing

There are many benefits to getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. One of them is getting away from all the light pollution. An unobstructed night sky is truly something to behold. Once the sun goes down, be sure to get yourself into our snazzy Onesies and spread out your favorite blanket on the grass for a night of wonderment and stargazing.

#7 Lawn Games

What goes better with a barbeque than some lawn games? You can break out the Giant Jenga and see how you stack up against the competition, or go old-school and toss a Frisbee around with family and friends. Either way, it is a great way to spend some quality time together.

#8 Scary Stories

If you think about it, a cottage is the setting for many scary stories. So, it just makes sense to take full advantage of this opportunity and get into a night of creepy storytelling! Don’t worry, we have you covered on the essentials. Apart from our cozy Onesies, we also carry blankets, sleep hoodies and much more to help you really complete the experience!

That’s, you should check out our Lazy One website and pick out your favorite items before you head up to the cabin or cottage in the woods. Be it Onesies for the whole family, or even something for your pet, we have you covered! Check it out and get your summer binging session started!