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Family Ties

How many times has your day dream consisted of putting on your pj’s, enjoying a hot beverage and playing a marathon of your favourite Netflix show? It’s every day isn’t it? It is though. It is.

Other than being the perfect companion for movie watching and just all around lounging, our onesies hug you in all the right ways to promote that relaxing, perfect night’s sleep. From a wide array of sizes to accommodate any body type, to fun and funky themes, you’ll find the perfect onesie to fit your personality, while the 100% cotton fabric ensures breathability and ultimate comfort.

Just like gathering the family together to enjoy a good meal, bringing the family together in matching onesies is just as special! Match your onesies for team play on game night, or even get a matching set for the whole family.

Struggling to figure out what to get your friends and family for Christmas? We all are, but worry no more. Grab a matching pair of pyjamas for your aunt and uncle, snag a fully matching family set for your nephews and nieces and top it off with a Flap Jack pj for your dog! See? Difficulty level: -1.

If you want to be extra special, you can also consider one of our sleep masks, slippers and pillow cases or even get trendy and creative with our many choices in yoga pants, leggings and boxers.

Not only do our pyjamas and sleep wear bring you comfort and relaxation, they also bring the family together and promote team spirit. Just like in a real hockey team, when everyone shares the same color jersey, the overall feeling of togetherness is stronger. Slip on your matching onsie with the kids and play their favourite games or just read them their favourite bedtime story. No matter what activity you indulge in, that picture perfect moment will be even more perfect with you and your loved ones wearing the family colors.