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Fall PJ’s – Falling Hard For Comfy PJ’s

Fall PJ’s Are The Perfect “Welcome Home”

It’s getting chilly out there. Welcome autumn! As beautiful as the golden, orange leaves are, autumn doesn’t come without it’s gusts of wind and rainy weather. After a long day and multiple commutes, there’s no better feeling than getting home – or is there? We think that there just may be. After dropping off your bags and checking on the kids, slip on a pair of our fall PJ’s for the ultimate “welcome home!” Our legging PJ’s are the perfect combination of comfort and warmth. Made from a soft and stretchy Lycra/Cotton blend, our PJ leggings have a thick waistband and drawstring for adjustable comfort. Keep reading to find out what pairs perfectly with our animal print, PJ leggings!

Our Tall Tee’s Are No Tall Order!

Our PJ leggings are perfect companions with our super comfy Tall Tee’s. With matching patterns, themes and colors, they make the perfect duo. Take, for example, our Bat Moose Tall Tee, combining our Canadian moose with one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Or, check out our classic “May The Forest Be With You” PJ tee! Regardless of your choice, we are sure that your fall PJ’s will be the talk of the house. In fact, we are willing to bet that some family members will want to get some matching PJ’s of their own. Well, if you want your whole family to match this fall, check out our famous matching family Flapjacks! We can just see the Instagram buzz over your matching family PJ’s picture.

Fall PJ’s Will Make You Fall For Sleep

When the day has come to an end and your family starts getting ready for bed, it’s nice to know that everyone will be getting a restful and cozy night’s sleep. We take great pride in offering the warmest and most comfortable Canadian themed PJ’s to you and yours. This autumn, don’t be afraid to be the Lazy One of the family.