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Dog PJ’s | Make Them A Part Of The Family

Dog PJ’s – A Dog’s Best Friend!

At Lazy One, we like to make sure that we take care of the whole family and by whole family, we really mean the whole family! Our pets are always there to make us feel loved so give them the warmth and comfort they deserve with our awesome dog PJ’s! Our signature dog flapjacks are made from 100% ribbed cotton and make the perfect doggy companions. From plaid patterns to some purely Canadian maple leaves, we are sure that you will find the perfect dog PJ’s for your good little boy or girl!

Like Family

Let’s face it – we care for our pets like they’re our children. We bring them with us everywhere we go and when the instance occurs that we need to leave them at home alone, we count down the minutes to getting home. The warm welcome, playful demeanor and the unconditional love they have for us all play a role on the reasons we hold them so close to our hearts.  They’re also part of our family memories. For example, like the time your doggy fell asleep next to the baby, creating the picture perfect moment. There was the time your pooch ran away with your slippers! Even if they require some extra attention and discipline at times, they always get our love in the end.

Dog PJ’s To Match!

If there were ever a reason to get your pet our amazing dog PJ’s it would be because you can get a matching pair for yourself and the family! Check out our plaid dog flapjacks and our matching family PJ’s now and get the whole family on the same team. Game night, movie night or any night will develop a whole new dimension of fun and togetherness. Feeling adventurous? Go for a walk with your pooch sporting your matching PJ’s. Your neighbors will be jealous!