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Comfortable PJ’s For An Awesome Date Night In

Stay in but Go all Out

Saying that it’s hard to make time for yourself is an understatement. Between the play dates, diaper changes and PTA meetings, it’s next to impossible to get some of that well deserved R&R with your significant other. Schedules never seem to coincide and let’s be honest, finding a babysitter last minute is like convincing the Pope to wear purple…it’ll never happen! So take your kids to your in-laws for the weekend because I’ll explain how you can have a perfect date night in with your better half, and you won’t need to change out of your comfortable PJ’s to do it! In fact, before reading further, check out our adult PJ’s and pick out your outfit for date night!

Fun & Games

Play a game of “What Would You Rather,” and begin your evening with a ton of laughs! Here’s a tip, try not to stick to the script. Getting creative with your answers always brings the game and the laughs up a notch. Check out some questions here to get you started!

Master Chef – Home Edition

Have a cook-off! A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Scour the web for some easy recipes and throw down the apron for a head-to-head foodie competition! There’s no winner in the end because it’s all about having fun and spending time together – but if you’re like me, you’ll probably be awarding yourself a Michelin star by the end of the night.


Here’s where your comfy PJ’s take center stage. Cozy up on the couch and watch your favorite movie or series. Make sure you let him choose his faves like Lord of the Rings, or Rocky. That way, he can’t complain when you choose your favorite rom-com, or that crazy suspenseful TV show you’d never watch around the kids! Fill up a huge bowl of popcorn and make your own movie theater slushies!

Chocolate Tasting

Mmmmm….chocolate. Do you really need a reason to eat chocolate? No, but have you forgotten about Valentine’s Day?! Organize an evening of chocolate tasting! We’ve all heard of a wine and cheese tasting but come on, chocolate tasting is where it’s at. Find everything you’ll need for your sweet evening here!

Comfortable PJ’s | The Perfect Ending

Whatever your date night in consists of, your night will end fabulously because you’ll already be in your comfy PJ’s! At Lazy One, we offer the best, fun-loving, comfortable PJ’s for any budget. Get yours today and enjoy a great night in great comfort!