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Comfortable, men’s boxers with a side of humor!


<h2men’s boxers="" with="" a="" smile!<="" h2="" when="" it="" comes="" to="" men’s="" underwear,="" sometimes,="" it’s="" taken="" little="" too="" seriously.="" underwear="" is="" usually="" packaged="" the="" picture="" of="" some="" chiselled="" super="" model="" on="" front,="" and="" though="" i="" admire="" dedication="" that="" male="" (i="" could="" look="" like="" but="" blame="" my="" genetics),="" i’m="" type="" guy="" doesn’t="" take="" himself="" choosing="" boxers,="" they="" have="" be="" comfortable="" reflect="" sense="" humour.="" luckily="" enough,="" found="" great="" selection="" comfy="" <a="" href="/comical-boxers-1">men’s boxers at Lazy One!



Get animalistic with a variety of colors and animal themed men’s boxers! Choose from a wide variety of animal themes and quirky one-liners like, “bear bum” or the classic “beware of natural gas.” The best part of these men’s boxers is that they make great gifts too! Our men’s boxers are made with 100% cotton, feature a button fly and offer a comfortable, roomy fit. Let’s face it gentlemen, nothing makes our gals love us more than when we make them laugh and nothing will give them the giggles more than revealing some “cheeky” comedy like, “gluteus maximoose” or one of my personal favorites “dairyaire,” featuring our beloved, friendly milk givers. Browse through our men’s boxers here and find the perfect punch line for your “bottom” line!

<h2men’s underwear="" doesn’t="" have="" to="" be="" boring<="" h2="" with="" a="" wide="" selection="" of="" animal="" themed,="" humorous="" men’s="" boxers,="" we="" are="" sure="" that="" you="" will="" find="" the="" perfect="" pair="" for="" you!="" additionally,="" all="" proud="" canadians="" out="" there,="" also="" offer="" pj’s="" and="" boxers="" maple="" leaf="" prints="" our="" national="" trademark="" saying,="" “canada="" eh!”="" match="" pajamas="" you’ll="" covered="" in="" most="" comfortable="" sleepwear="" there="" is.="" your="" pj="" game="" is="" now="" top="" level="" but="" don’t="" leave="" rest="" family="" dust.="" lazy="" one="" offers="" women’s="" pj’s,="" adult="" onesies="" kid’s="" same,="" great="" themes.="" get="" whole="" on="" board!="" check="" article="" matching="" sets="" <a="" href="">here.