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Comfort is King

There are many things that bring us comfort in our lives. From our family and friends to our cozy bed, the things we cherish most are often the ones that makes us feel comfortable, relaxed and calm. These things always carry with them memories or some form of nostalgia. Remember that summer you finally accepted that your first car was too expensive to repair? When the tow truck came to pick her up, the memories you made in that car flashed before your eyes and let’s face it, you got a little emotional. Life goes on though and you continued to make memories with your new car and your new perspective. It’s no surprise then that we have a hard time discarding our favourite pyjama, shirt or even slippers. Just like your first car, those items fit you perfectly; so perfect in fact that you often forgot you had them on.

At Lazy One, your comfort is what matters most. We pride ourselves on offering the most comfortable in home-wear products for you and your entire family. Not only do we love comfort, we also love being creative and unique in our offerings. From purely Canadian themes to our cute animal themes, our passion is bringing you the highest comfort with the biggest smile. From pyjamas, flap jacks, onesies and night-shirts to slippers, socks, and even pet clothing, our passion for comfort is present throughout all our products.

Our time spent in our home should be a time to enjoy the bond of family. The family is a team and we thrive on team spirit, which is why we offer many matching pieces of clothing for your game nights, movie nights and maybe just for the breakfast table! Heading out for a spa day? Our spa flip-flops are super comfortable and offer the perfect protection for your pads. Who can forget the comfort of a great pair of socks! We have you covered there too.

If comfort is one of your priorities, you will not be disappointed with your Lazy One purchase. We take tremendous pride in our products and you can definitely take comfort in them.