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All For Onesie

It’s post holiday season and you’ve managed to get over the hustle and bustle without a hitch.
Gifts were given, smiles were displayed and the food – the food was overkill like every year. You’ve turned the page on 2016 and have big plans for 2017 but first…the flu hits. It’s almost a given that every winter you get some variation of a cold and this year is no different. You gather your emergency flu kit which contains everything you need in order to cope with the sore throat, cough and sniffles. Your kit includes the everyday cold fighting medicine but it also has a secret weapon. It includes something that you know will make you sleep better and feel better. Ah yes, your favourite onesie.

Your onesie hugs you perfectly and gives you the ultimate comfort when you need to relax. Your tallest glass is full of orange juice, your tissues are at arm’s reach and you’ve prepared your Netflix for a solid marathon. Without your onesie, that picture would not be complete. Made from 100% cotton, your PJ is stretchy, comfy and warm so your flu will be a thing of the past in no time! Our Flapjack model even comes with the ever so handy “trap door” at the “bear bottom” for any emergency runs to the water closet.

Your flu is now gone thanks to a combination of modern medicine and your ultra comfortable PJ’s but now…back to reality.
You’re an awesome parent so you’ve organized a game night for the kids. Your sister is coming over with her kids next week and you want to make this game night as fun as possible. You know that you and your kids are already equipped with matching onesies. You all shopped on the Lazy One website together and agreed to order the “bear cheeks” Flapjacks. Your team is ready to go. You want to give your sister and her kids a fighting chance at game night so you ordered another matching set for them. You opted for the moose themed, matching onesies. Not only are you giving them unique style, you’re even giving them comfort. You’re such a good sibling.
Whether your goal is to sleep better, feel better or just be super cozy, warm and comfy, getting yourself an adult onesie is the thing to do. Look through our onesies and Flapjacks for the one that best fits your personality, and browse through our wide selection of kid’s pyjamas too. I know what you’re thinking…what about my dog? We have Flapjacks for your dog too! Get your onesie now and get comfortable for 2017.