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Adult Onesie Pajamas are Back, & More Popular Than Ever!

You probably remember from many many years ago the footed pajamas that were made for adults.  In the mid 70’s they were all the rage, however the craze faded away.  They are now back and more popular then ever before.  Today’s adult onesies, flapjacks and footed pjs are flying off the shelves across the country!  They are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all ages from infants to adults, men and women.

These pajama are being made by Lazy One from soft cotton and micro fleece, featuring a drop seat bottom, some footed and some not. The footsie pajamas offer you warmth and comfort at a level no other pajamas can compare to, plus they are taking the world by storm!

Many of us consider onesie pjs just for infants and children, however the fact is that they are being enjoyed from people ranging from 6 months to 60+ years. They are simply the warmest and coziest pajamas available on the market today.  We all know our heating bills are coming in, it is that time of year again so why not grab yourself a pair of these ultra comfortable soft, warm pajamas for the upcoming winter season.

As we do have sizes for the whole family; many people are choosing to buy matching sets so their children and spouse. Yes it may seem a little corny but its also cute, and besides who else sees you other then your closest loved ones. With the footed pjs you can save some money as you do not need to buy slippers!  The enclosed footed bottom keeps warm air from escaping; thus keeping your feet and legs much warmer around the house no matter how warm or chilly it may be.

Join in on the latest fad, onesie adult pajamas and get in on the fun.  Might as well pickup some of these fantastic footed pjs for the whole family so they can all benefit from the worlds most comfortable pajamas.